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Why do retailers use 2D barcode scanners?

  • source:Shangchen
  • Date:11/02/2018

Retailers have historically used laser barcode scanners at the point of sale (POS) to simplify checkout. But technological know-how has changed, alongside with customers' expectations. To realize faster, more correct scans that speed transactions, aid cellular couponing, and improve consumer experiences, outlets should use 2D scanners, including the 2D wireless handheld barcode scanner, 2D wireless laser barcode scanner and desktop barcode scanner.

Increase revenues with cell marketing

Omnichannel advertising opens doorways in the warfare for retail supremacy. Gone is complete reliance on brick-and-mortar shop fronts. Innovative retailers are shoring up their e-commerce sites, soliciting social followers, and electronically advertising and marketing their wares in an effort to attract today's cellular shoppers.

By turning in an effective trip with each interaction, outlets can extend revenues. Think immediate rewards for loyal customers, the in-line cellular factor of sale transactions, and personalized cellular coupons—all of which are possible with 2D scanners.

Automate enrollment in loyalty programs

Mobile advertising and marketing drive traffic. Loyalty programs reward repeat purchases. Now, shops can merge the two by way of enabling application enrollment at the POS. Associates scan customers' U.S. drivers’ licenses the use of 2D barcode readers that routinely populate membership applications with pertinent information. Gone are data-entry mistakes and delays reaching out. Now, shops can right away start marketing efforts that reward customers’ loyalty and generate sales.

Instantly confirm shoppers' ages

To speed checkout times, prevent fraud, and avoid costly fines, use 2D scanners that immediately affirm shoppers’ ages. One rapid scan affords the statistics convenience shops want to legally whole the sale of things like alcoholic beverages, lottery tickets, and tobacco products. And, 2D scanning machines also seize the statistics retailers need to trace purchases of pseudoephedrine-based medicines and firearms for compliance with federal regulations.

2d barcode scanner

Reduce risks

Presentation scanners that take a seat in or on counters can scan electronic barcodes such as those used for mobile marketing. But what occurs when a sales associate by chance damages the shopper's cell phone or pill when handing it off for the scan?

To reduce risk, shops are adding supplemental 2D barcode scanners that permit customers to keep possession of their cell devices. They are also using these wireless handheld barcode scanner to examine barcodes on heavy objects that can’t without difficulty be lifted for scanning. This protects personnel from injuries and employers from needless insurance plan claims and group of workers absences.

Read any barcode, any time

2D scanners use area-imaging technological know-how that takes pictures, or images, of barcodes. This allows shops to successfully scan 1D and 2D digital and paper barcodes the first time—regardless whether a printed code is broken or poorly printed. They can also take benefit of digital pockets functions that are growing in popularity.

Improve checkout times

Laser scanners have proven their reliability when capturing barcodes, but they can’t read promotional or loyalty codes off cell devices. While presentation scanners that sit down on or in counters can rapidly seize paper codes, they are slower reading electronic codes.

Enter hybrid units that mix the dependability of lasers with the pass-through speed of bioptic, or in-counter, scanners. Designed for large scan volumes and labels on curved surfaces, these scanning units successfully seize all barcodes on the first pass. They also study each UPC/EPC product codes in self-checkout strains for faster, greater efficient processing.

Scan each and every barcode from each direction

2D location imagers are omnidirectional. This skill they can without difficulty scan barcodes from each and every angle and orientation. Motion-tolerance applied sciences and ergonomic designs additionally make them easy to use, saving shops and clients time at the POS. Backroom staff also appreciate these omnidirectional imagers due to their ease of use and capability to scan most each barcode.

Store facts in one place

As noted, 2D scanners use area-imager scan engines to take images of barcodes, which is why they are ideal for harsh environments the place labels are prone to wear. But did you also be aware of that this equal science permits outlets to seize photos of necessary documents?

Not only does this make sure personnel have the statistics they need in one handy location; it conserves house in crowded stockrooms and offices.

Future-proof operations

With the wide adoption of cellular applications, outlets require scanners that will grow with their businesses. Because wireless laser barcode scanners don't provide the identical flexibility as place imagers—which study both paper and digital 1D barcode scanner and 2D barcodes—organizations are investing in 2D scanners. This allows them to fully benefit from today's mobility solutions. It also ensures that groups have units that will grow with their businesses.

That's why it's greater necessary than ever to upgrade to 2D scanning devices, together with handheld and hands-free styles designed for one of a kind uses. Doing so ensures superior service that keeps clients coming back.

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