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We provide customers with various kinds of quality scanners including handheld barcode scanner and wireless laser barcode scanner with high-quality services.


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    Smart Express Cabinet Application Case

    Smart Express Cabinet Application Case

    Buit-in 2D code scanning module

    Once courier store package, recipient will receive 2D code information via phone

    Sweep mobile phone 2D code, Eepress cabinet opens automatically

    Pick up parcel

    Turnstile Application Case

    Turnstile Application Case

    Alipay online ticket purchase, automatically generate 2D code

    Gate access

    Scan the QR code ticket in the mobile phone, built-in 2D scanning module in channel gate

    The verification is successful and the gate turns on automatically

    Billing Scanner Application

    Billing Scanner Application

    In order to improve the efficiency of invoice entry and reduce the error of invoice entry, the billing information can be automatically entered into the ticketing software by scanning the 2D code of the invoice header in the Alipay APP. The user can only input the information once in Alipay for repeated use. In the specific operation, the user can enter the information required for billing in the "add header" page on the mobile terminal (In Alipay search "invoice manager", in WeChat search the "invoice app"), including the name, taxpayer identification number, registered address and telephone , account opening bank and account number, etc., click Save to generate the 2D code automatically.

    How to use the billing scanner by barcode scanner vendors? Users only need to install a small plug-in in computer, connect the billing scanner with the computer via USB, the mouse cursor will be in the first line of information to be entered, scan 2D code on the mobile phone, you can complete the invoice! The entire operation process is quick and easy!

    Automatically generate billing 2D code, keep billing information on the phone both in Alipay or WeChat are OK.

    Install billing software, connect scanner from barcode machine supplier with the billing software.

    Scanning billing code, successful billing and print invoice.