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CHINASHOP 2018丨Shangchen Electronics Showing the Charm of Scanning Code

  • source:Shangchen
  • Date:11/26/2018
On November 1st to 3rd, the 20th China Retail Expo (CHINASHOP 2018) with the theme of "Rejuvenating Passion, Gathering Consensus and Starting Again" has been successfully concluded. During the three-day exhibition, the total exhibition area exceeded 100,000 square meters, and more than 850 enterprises participated in the exhibition, creating a new record. Guangzhou Shangchen Electronic Co., Ltd, a barcode scanner supplier, participated in this grand exhibition as always.
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CHINA SHOP 2018 Well Ordered, United and Confident

Looking back on the past CHINASHOP, we are confident that we make great strides to complete the arrangement of this exhibition in an orderly manner.

CHINASHOP 2018 Lively and busy

At the three-day event, Shangchen Electronics still lived up to expectations and brought unexpected surprises and wonderful experiences to the event.

CHINASHOP 2018 Working Together to Win the Future

During the three-day event, Guangzhou Shangshen Electronic Co., Ltd, as the sole hardware sponsor of the barcode scanners, was unique and extraordinary at the annual meeting of Zhibaiwei which let dealer partners strengthen the confidence in the development of Guangzhou Shangchen Electronic Co. Ltd.
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The Appearance of New products

In this exhibition, Shangshen Electronics launched the world's first new double-window scanner in barcode scanner industry, which was very popular and attractive during the exhibition.
Our company in this exhibition is not only brilliant and eye-catching in its products, but also in its simple and fashionable gifts, which is deeply loved by visitors.
The CHINASHOP Expo has ended. As a barcode machine supplier and manufacturer of professional IOT equipment, Guangzhou Shangchen Electronic Co., Ltd will continue to analyze and explore the characteristics and needs of the retail industry in depth, with higher product professionalism and better service capabilities for the progress of Chinese retail industry.
Hold on!Hold on!
Do you think it's over?
We feel proud and whatever we must speak out that
we got up at 5 in the morning to queue up
or we'll feel sorry for the consumed fat in cold weather.
CHINASHOP 2018 has ended on Nov.7th to 9th, 2019
Let’s meet in Qingdao!