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China (Guangzhou) Int' I Commercial Barcode Scanner Expo

  • source:Shangchen
  • Date:05/30/2018
The exhibition has been held at Guangzhou Pazhou International Exhibition Center during March 4th-6th in 2018, and many domestic famous barcode equipment manufactures, vending machine brand owners and unmanned retailer facilitators are the participators.

China (Guangzhou) Int' I Commercial Smart Equipment Expo 02

Guangzhou Shangchen Electronics Co., Ltd displays its whole series of code-scanning products and connected devices in H37 of booth number in Hall in Region A, deserving its popularity by making a momentous appearance at the event.

The products displayed at this event cover: one-dimensional laser scanner, one-dimensional CCD scanner gun, two-dimensional image scanner, wireless scanner, desktop omnidirectional scanner, industrial hand-held terminal PDA and embedded scanning module.

With the interiorization of new retailing philosophy, vending devices and unmanned retail stores become an opening of commercial development. In recent two years, Guangzhou Shangchen strengthens the efforts of technology research and development, improves its industrial design level and concentrates on studies of scanning based payment technology, introducing new different embedded two-dimensional scanning modules at the exhibition which have obvious improvement functionally in identification accuracy, scanning distance and scanning speed in comparison with the predecessors and have been successfully applied in domestic large-scale express cabinet system and many locker systems with wide application areas in different vending devices as well.

China (Guangzhou) Int' I Commercial Smart Equipment Expo 03

At this exhibition, Guangzhou Shangchen introduces the new engine-based  two-dimensional scanner which are high in scanning identification and in strong in output stability; the small payment platform newly introduced supports the functions of voice prompt and screen display, which obviously improves customers’ feelings after experiencing the payment by scanning.

China (Guangzhou) Int' I Commercial Smart Equipment Expo 04

As a connected hardware device manufacture, Guangzhou Shangchen provides the exhibition industrial hand-held terminal PDA which adopts high-pass quad-core configuration and supports 4G full Netcom as well as RFID high-frequency and super high frequency radio-frequency technique, built-in barcode scanner module and near field communication. As a connected terminal product of mid-to-high end configuration, it is wide in application and high in performance cost ratio, and it will provide strong supports for commercial retail enterprises to realize new retail upgrades in term of intelligent management in warehouse, cargo allocating and logistics and other aspects.

China (Guangzhou) Int' I Commercial Smart Equipment Expo 05

The new payment scanner, embedded scanning module and intelligent hand-held terminal and other products introduced by Guangzhou Shangchen at this event have attracted attentions and welcome from the customers participating in the event; meanwhile, we also see the wide application of pluralistic intelligent technology in vending devices and unmanned retail stores and we believe that with the increasing deepening of new commercial retail trend, the development of connected identification devices will obtain wider requirement space.