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Guangzhou Shangchen Electronic Co., Ltd.

We provide customers with various kinds of quality scanners including handheld barcode scanner and wireless laser barcode scanner with high-quality services.


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Handheld Barcode Scanner

Shangchen is one of the handheld barcode scanner manufacturers, which supplies handheld barcode scanners.These come in two different types of dimensions, which are 2D and 1D barcode scanners. In the information age, the application of commodity barcodes is more and more extensive, and commodity barcodes are available on commodities sold in shopping malls, supermarkets, and convenience stores. The handheld portable scanner is a widely used bar code reading device. The handheld barcode reader can quickly and efficiently decode the product information, and automatically checkout by the scanning function of the handheld barcode device, which not only shortens the time for the consumer to wait in line but also eliminates the concern about the accuracy of manual checking due to the reliability of the barcode. It greatly improves our shopping environment, facilitates the own management and greatly improves work efficiency.