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Which of the following functions can a port scanner provide?

  • source:Shangchen
  • Date:11/19/2018

Application of BarCode Scanner in Manufacturing

barcode scanning

With the popularity of barcode technology in all areas of life, barcode scanners provide efficient data collection and transmission solution for the barcode scanner manufacturers, which greatly improve the work efficiency and make it more and more important in manufacturing. 
Generally speaking, the solution of barcode scanning and barcode automatic identification is adopted on production lines and conveyor belts. Barcode labels are applied to the products in the automatic assembly production lines and processing. Barcode acquisition and the characteristic barcode of data transmission are used to monitor production, taking sample production quality detection data and establish products files, so as to improve product qualification rate and work efficiency. And reading the bar code of the label on the product can immediately find information details and source.
In the manufacturing industry, the use of bar code scanners is the most efficient management method. At the same time, barcode scanners can be applied to all walks of life, including logistics and warehousing, manufacturing, e-commerce retail, mobile payment and so on. The performance requirements of barcode scanners may be different for different industries. When choosing and purchasing barcode scanners, we need to make a reasonable selection according to our actual needs and economic conditions, including the requirements of resolution and code reading rate of barcode scanners in the complex industrial environment of manufacturing industry.
As a leading company in barcode technology and solution, Guangzhou Shangchen Electronic Co., Ltd has rich experience and enjoyed a good reputation for quality. Products include 1D/2D barcode scanners, mobile intelligent terminals, embedded scanning modules, etc.

Desktop Scanners for Retail Business

barcode omni scanner

In our daily lives, the retail and catering industries are omnipresent. We can't leave this consumption. The existence of these retail industries is inseparable from various store management such as cashier management, inventory management, and member management. Therefore, a high-performance, the high-convenience desktop scanner has become an indispensable requirement in the business operation.
Desktop scanner, equipped with barcode recognition, acquisition, data transmission characteristics, connect with shopping system and mobile payment system.In the process of using, the consumer only needs to place the product on the operator’s desk, with the barcode of the product aiming at the scanner and the product information appearing on the screen. By opening the payment code of WeChat or Alipay and aiming it at the scanner, the payment can be realized.
The desktop barcode scanner can scan the screen code to realize mobile payment through the two-dimensional code scanning module, so the two-dimensional code scanning module is required to be sensitive to the screen code. The barcode Scanners of Guangzhou Shangchen Electronic Co., Ltd not only can read codes quickly, but also has a high recognition rate. Even the screen with film can be scanned easily.

Convenient Life with Bar Code Scanner

2d image scanner

At present, the retail industry basically supports mobile payment at checkout, such as UNIQLO, GAP, Jingdong Convenience Store, RT-MART, Carrefour, etc. Alipay or WeChat payment codes can be scanned on the customer's mobile phone by barcode scanners to check out. Barcode scanners can speed up the time of checking out, greatly save the queuing time of customers, attract customers and leave customers a good shopping experience.
 With good one-dimensional and two-dimensional low-quality bar code reading performance, low power consumption, rich interfaces, and good cost performance, hand-held bar code scanners of Guangzhou Shangchen Electronic Co., Ltd can quickly read one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes on paper or screen. Our wireless handheld barcode scanners are suitable for O2O payments, O2O card coupons verification, inventory management for jewelry and chain stores, ticket management for banks and securities, and automated office management.
 As a professional IOT equipment manufacturer, Guangzhou Shangchen Electronic Co., Ltd has won the full recognition and trust of customers at home and abroad by virtue of the company's persistent research and innovation and quality and service control. Our laser scanner, 1D multi-line laser desktop scanner, 1D red light CCD, 2D image module, 2D hand-held scanner, invoicing scanner, payment box scanner, data acquisition terminal and other products have entered retail, manufacturing, postal, logistics, health-care, tobacco, petroleum, banking, agricultural products traceability and other application fields, and sell well in domestic provinces and cities and Europe, Africa, South America and Southeast Asia and other dozens of countries.