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Application of Smart Handheld Terminal in the E-Commerce Industry

  • source:scscan
  • Date:12/24/2018
In recent years, the application of smart handheld terminals like wireless handheld barcode scanner has greatly improved the quality and efficiency of transportation, receiving and material handling operations. Smart handheld terminals provide the most accurate and cost-effective identification, tracking and sorting functions to help deliver personal mail/packages to the right recipients on time. Through the automatic data capture of the barcode scanner, the courier can deliver the parcels more quickly and accurately.
smart handheld terminal

Application of Smart Handheld Terminal in Classification and Selection:

Express service organizations are usually the most automated ones. After identifying the received package with a unique barcode identifier, the classifier (sometimes a courier employee) can classify the items quickly and accurately, then send them to the correct line and deliver them to the destination at the promised time. If bar code data acquisition function is not used to complete this activity, employees in each location must input the identification number of the package manually, which is not only time-consuming, but also error-prone, resulting in a decline of customer satisfaction.

Application of Smart Handheld Terminal in Traceability and Tracking of Packages:

E-commerce enterprises and logistics enterprises integrate mobile computers and barcode scanners in the package tracking system to improve the accuracy and reliability of package delivery. By scanning the parcel arriving at the dock, the customer's information can be automatically updated online, allowing the courier to manage the next parcel delivery phase. This step will also confirm the location and expected the delivery date to the customer in real time. A barcode-based package tracking system can be further enhanced with value-added services such as web-based on-demand tracking. Not only can help the e-commerce industry to continuously reduce express delivery costs, barcode terminals can also help e-commerce enterprises and logistics enterprises to improve the delivery efficiency of the “last mile” to ensure that urgent package can be delivered to the recipients in time.

Application of Smart Handheld Terminal in Image Capture:

The barcode scanners with image capture function can capture evidence of a delivery signature by electronic means when the package arrives at its final destination. Image capture enables a signature to be captured and stored in the record of express mail through automatic "photographing" of the scanner. This will eliminate the need for expensive auxiliary equipment, reduce paper waste, and further improve customer satisfaction.