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Application of barcode readers in the Medical Industry

  • source:Scscan
  • Date:12/10/2018
Barcode readers are essential in the medical industry. Unlike the retail industries such as supermarkets and clothing stores, the application produced by barcode scanner manufacturers in the medical industry has high requirements of the scanning performance and quality of barcode readers. As a fast data acquisition intelligent device, it integrates the work of various healthcare processes, such as registration, payment, inspection and diagnosis, and realizes the intelligent work and management. Barcode readers are becoming an indispensable tool for medical staff.
2d wireless barcode scanner

1) Quick response ability and high reliability. 

The hospital is responsible for the health of patients and needs to provide effective and high-quality treatment for patients. Therefore, medical 2D bar code readers must be fast and reliable in order to avoid errors and improve the quality of patients care.

2)Fast scanning speed and good recognition ability of a low-quality barcode

Hospital information management system is widely used in hospitals to better record and track patients' condition. Barcode readers are important in inputting information to the system. Medical staffs need to use barcode readers to scan the barcode labels on patients or record to recording and monitoring drugs, reagents and status of patients. The patient may be at rest in most cases if the medical 2D scanning readers cannot collect low quality barcodes, or successfully read barcodes in a poor light environment, the patients will definitely be disturbed. Therefore, the medical 2D barcode readers must be easy to scan and sensitive, which can minimize the workload and the time of bar code reading.
show of barcode scanner

3)Sturdy and durable, resistant to irritant chemicals corrosion.

In hospital, it is necessary to disinfect the outer casing of medical 2D bar code readers frequently to minimize the spread of infectious diseases. The medical 2D bar code readers are not affected by the corrosion of irritating detergents which not only ensures the patient's safety, but also prolongs the life of the bar code readers.
Only the right bar code reader will help the staff to the greatest extent in the future work, so it is important to avoid affecting the work efficiency of the staff due to some inconveniences.